miscarried 11/12/2008.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy:
Well well well my little angel u are with Jesus now! Hope he takes care of you good until me and daddy can get there 2 see you and hold you! I miss you my little Angel! U were discovered August 6th,2008! We were so happy 2 know u were going to be ours!U were lost November 12th,2008! U were 4 months to early! Ur birthday was suppose 2 be Apirl 14th,2009 but u didnt quite make it! Daddy misses you so much too! He's sorry he couldnt be here 2 have felt u in mamas belly but he had 2 protect and serve the country! He would have been a great daddy 2 u! We love u Kadyn and we will see u soon our little angel! Lost but never forgotten


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