born August 17, 2001 and died August 22, 2001.
Remembered by Nana:
Two Little Boys For Cody Lane & Christopher Morgan God gave us two little boys one day, He said “One you can keep but the other can't stay.“ “But Lord, we love him so much“ we prayed, “We'll take good care of this little life you made.“ We tried so hard to keep him here, Our precious baby we love so dear, But God had plans for our little man, And took him to Heaven to hold in His hands. But He gave us a Miracle that day, too. He said, “One Little Boy I'll share with you“. Thank you Lord, for the Life you have given, Thank you too, for our little one in Heaven. Both their lives have meant so much. Two tiny lives - but so many they've touched. Two more reasons to live for You. Two little boys to spend eternity with, too. by Charlotte Hughes Cody Lane and Christopher Morgan Brooks - in celebration of the Miracle that is Cody and in loving memory of our Angel Morgan - I will love you forever - Nana


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