miscarried 12/15/2008.
Remembered by John, Carol, Johnny, Nick, and Zack:
I am sorry others never got to know you, although I feel that I already did. I named you after Isabel Catherine, a little girl who was badly injured in a fire in Mexico. Her mother made the supreme sacrifice of letting a missionary family in America take her child so that she could recieve the medical care that she could not get in Mexico. She only got to see her once in a while. I saw her story on tv in 1998 and promised Jesus that if I ever had a girl, I would name her Isabel Catherine. Just as the mother had to let her daughter go to a better place, I have had to do the same with you. I so wanted to keep you here. But I know you have another purpose. I only knew you a month but I miss you, and I will never, ever forget you. Please tell Kiki, Grammy, Grandaddy, Grandpa, Nanny Ruff, and Otis I miss them too. I know they are with you. Love you forever, Carol


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