born September 16th, 2004 and died November 16th, 2004.
Remembered by Joy Frost (mommy) Brandon Keller (daddy) Austin(big brother) Megan (big sister) Alexzandria (big sis:
We tryed forever to get pregnant. Then we did. When I was almost 4 months I got into a bad wreck and ended up looseing the baby. It took 11 months to be able to get pregnant again. It was valentines day when I found out. It was a rocky pregnancy. Tons of pre-term labor. It was hard, then I started contracting. I was only 31 weeks. I was in the hospital and I had a bad contraction, the worst that I had every felt, and my water broke. I had to have an emergancy c-section because she fliped breach. She was so beautiful. Then 2 short months later she passed away in the middle of the night. SIDS struck our family. But we now know that the two short that we got with Payton was the best two months we could have asked for. We wernt cursed, we were blessed to have gotten to meet one of Gods many Angels.


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