stillborn 08/15/2008.
Remembered by Scott and Audrey Boydston:
We like to remind friends and relatives that have also gone through the loss of an infant, as well as those who know someone who has, that these babies were stillborn, but they were Still Born. It is important not to discount their existence. By not giving credence to their loss, sometimes people with the best intentions make the loss seem menial. It is everything but that. Simply put, these stillborn babies were born in Heaven, not on Earth. Sure, we wanted them here. Every day that passes without Katelyn is a struggle, but God is getting us through, carrying us when we feel heavy-laden, and walking beside us when we just need a little reminder that He is right there. Always and forever. We launched a website,, to offer comfort and support to other parents of stillborn children. This is the ministry God has called us to.


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