born 01/23/09 and died 01/23/09.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and Aaron:
DeAnna Rose we have planned and waited so long for a little girl like you. Then at last you began to live inside of me. We listened to your speedy little heart, and tried to imagine who you would be. Then, it came time for the ultrasound and we were so excited to find out that you were a little girl. We did see your little hand moving around as if you were saying “hello“, but we didn't know that you were also saying “goodbye.“ We saw a specialist the next day, and then we knew, our little angel was leaving us to be with God. After the delivery, we held you and loved you and wondered...“why?“ We will never know why, but we do know that we will always hold you, love you and miss you. In loving memory of DeAnna Rose DaSilva 1/23/09


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