miscarried 01/31/2009.
Remembered by Momma and Daddy (Niki and Bryan Ary):
Our Precious Baby Girl: It seems as if only yesterday we learned of your presence in our lives. We were overjoyed and loved you more than you will ever know. We thought everything was going to be okay, even if you did have some type of chromosome issue as the doctors thought you might, we were proud to have you as our daughter and we were committed to love you and help you know matter what.... and something happened. At fourteen weeks, God chose to remove you from this world and our hearts are broken. We will never forget the sound of your heartbeat or the way you were kicking and moving around during the last ultrasound we had of you still being alive, only a few short days before you were gone. Please know that we love you and miss you. We will cherish your memory always and look forward to seeing you in heaven one day with your brother and Jesus. Love, Momma and Daddy


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