miscarried 02/06/2009.
Remembered by Mommy:
After 6 years of infertility and no treatment I was stunned to discover i was pregnant. 12-16-08 + test. Had some pain in rt side 12-28-08 and went to the e/r. Ultrasound showed empty sac and a separate mass near rt ovary. was hospitalized to rule out ectopic pregnancy. On jan. 2 at 5w 3 days the vaginal ultrasound confirmed there was a baby in the sac and the mass was a corpus luteum cyst. I saw its precious heart beating and was over the moon! On Feb 4 I had some light pink spotting upon wiping and then again on the 6th. made the lonely trip to the e/r at 4 a.m. to discover my sac had stopped growing at 7 weeks and it was empty, my baby had been absorbed by my body and was sent home to miscarry. My grief is indescribable. I did not know such a thing could happen. I finally passed the sac last night and am on my way to see my OB.My biggest fear is that I will not be able to conceive again as I suffer from infertility due to PCOS and if i do the fear of amother m/c will always be there. I am blessed to have a beautiful 7 year old daughter (after ttc 8 years) and she is my miracle. I will never forget the baby that I lost and will remember him(dreamed it was a boy) forever. You are missed and loved Journey


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