born March 18, 2001 and died March 18, 2001.
Remembered by Fran (Mommy) & Mark Adams (Daddy):
My beautiful Victoria, I love & miss you so much! Today, you would have been 8 years old and the pain of losing you is still as fresh as it was that day. I'm sorry sweet girl that I failed to bring you into this world as a healthy baby girl and that I never had the chance to look into your eyes and tell you how much I loved you. I miss you so much! My darling, Angel. We lost you on 8/10/01 due to ectopic pregnancy. We never knew if you were a boy or a girl and chose “angel“ as that is what you are. You were my last pregnancy. We have been lucky enough to adopt your little brother, Jacob. I love you both dearly and hope you will look over your brother, who has been diagnosed with autism. Please know that you have not been replaced in my heart as that can never happen. You both will forever be remembered, loved and missed and I cannot wait till the day we can all be together as a family. I love you!


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