born May 31, 2004 and November 29, 2007 and died June 25, 2004 and October 16, 2008.
Remembered by Mommy (Kendra), Daddy (K'Shawn), your brothers, and cousin:
My dear K'Shawn you were daddy and I's first baby. You were the light of our lives. Nothing seemed wrong. Everyday you got bigger and bigger. Our handsome little man. Just 23 days at home, 25 days into our lives, you were gone. We love you, we just want to know what happened that fateful morning as Chelsea was bringing you to me. She did everything right. She laid you on the bed and there was something wrong. She started yelling, but by then it was already too late. We love you baby. Baby Langston was named after Langston Hughes. Although you were with us for 11 months, we feel that nothing was accomplished. You spend 9 of that 11 months at home. We watched you grow, say your first word, walk, play in the mud. All the things a little boy should do. August 1, you were outside, playing, daddy was watching you, he turned back around and he thought you had fallen. He picked you up, it was like your soul was taken that fast. Your body was lifeless but you were somewhat there in that shell. The doctors once told us that you could be in a coma for ever. It was just gods choice to talk you on the day that your daddy and I met. Love you forever. Mommy, Daddy, Chelsea (Cousin, 16) brothers Jelani age 3, Keenan age 2, and Tavon 9 months.


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