stillborn 23/12/08.
Remembered by mummy and daddy:
to my darling angel ruby, mummy and daddy and yr big brother and sister love you so so much and we miss u everyminute of every day. you are the most precious thing to me and you will never ever be forgoten. i felt you growng inside me for 30 weeks and it wa such a special time, i loved every kick you gave me and would give everthink i own to feel you kick me just 1 more time, the day you fell asleep i new somthink was wrong you wasnt giving me your precious kicks and 'i just knew' , i waited all day to feel you but i was so scared, i went to bed clutching you in my belly and just praying to god you was ok, but i couldnt wait any longer so i phoned the midwife who asked me to go the hospital, they tried to listen to your hart beat but nothink came, so they scaned me and there you was fast asleep, my whole world just shaterd. it was the hardest thing i hv ever been threw but at least i had you for a short time, as they say it is bettre to have loved and lost then to have never loved atall, and that is the way i have to see it, you was just to precius for this earth. god bless you my baby and one day i will be with you, and you can be snugled with your mummys love as you so deserve. god bless you ruby i love you xx


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