born 11/11/1999 and died 03/02/2000.
Remembered by Mommy (Karen):
Zachary was born 15 weeks early due to a serious infection. Even though I lost him on his due date. I know that I was blessed to been able to get to know him those 4 months. Remembering the first time I was able to hold him was on Christmas Day. I got to hold him while they changed the sheets on his bed. His two big sisters bought him a ladybug doll outfit. He wore that hat with pride. When it came off he started crying. They put it back on, like a switch he was calm. His smile would light a darken room. His eyes just started turning hazel. He was such a handsome baby. A few days before he passed I was holding him. Telling him that he didn't have to fight. He looked behind the rocking chair and stared and smiled. I know it was someone waiting to guide him on his journey to Heaven. God let me know that he was ok. With a picture of Jesus on his chest. I will see him again someday. God just needed him for something special.


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