born December 29, 1998 and died January 20, 1999.
Remembered by mommy, daddy, and big sister Sadie, and Destiny Life Center, family and friends:
You are such a beautiful baby. We could never ask for more. You hung in there, when the doctors didn't believe. You made my faith even stronger. You may have been the last baby I will ever have. I will cherish every move, bump, jump, and kick. You died on the day you were due to be born. I know that those 22 days were the most wonderful, sad, long, short, beautiful, pain-filled days of my life. I now that you are in peace, no more pain. I love you so much, I would have given my own life if it meant you would be ok. I am so sorry you went through all you did. I love and miss you so very much. You are the greatest son a mother could ever have. I love you.


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