miscarried September 5,2009.
Remembered by (BABY GAINEY) By: Momm,y Daddy, Christian, Logan:
My sweet little angel, We came home from are vacation to Costa Rica and had such a joyful time. Then surprise I found out I was having a little sweet baby again. You meant so much to me and daddy you know all that has happen before with my first car accident and how devastating that was to my family. I thought to my self I get another chance to remember what it is like to have and hold a little one again, I felt so blessed! I always told daddy yes you were planned you were going to be my little girl! (since i have your two brothers) I would have been happy no matter if you would have been a boy or a girl as long as you were healthy. Daddy and me were talking about what we were going to do to your room and Christian and Logan were moving into another room to make room for are little angle. Then Saturday 9-5-09 at about 5:15 all our dreams were taken away for you. Mom was on her way home from working in orange park and a lady was on her phone texting and the car in front of mommy stop and mommy stop and the lady behind me wasn't paying attention. My angel, I saw her coming in my review mirror and I thought of you I was looking for a way out so she wouldn't hit us. I went to look to get in the other lane but there was cars! There was no way out so all I could do is brace my self and I just keep thinking of you. She hit us so hard when it happen i felt this sharp pain from my stomach I thought oh no after wards i sat in my car and was cramping so bad I checked for blood and nothing but my stomach just kept cramp I rolled my window down and the cars she hit us into the people came to check on everybody I said I need a ambulance and just sat thinking of you my stomach just cramping so so bad I thought I was dieing. When we got to the hospital they made us wait so long finally they did the sonogram and I saw you I was so happy I thought were going to be ok. They sent me back to my bed and the doctor came in a couple hours later and said there was no heart beat I was devastated. They told me to follow up with my obgyn so I called him that night he said no blood means its a good sign so I took the first apportionment I could get. I went that day and saw you my love again and we waited and waited looking at the screen and was looking for a heart beat and I held my breath as long as I could, still nothing your little heart had no life. I left again heart broken I been time after time to get another sonogram still the same no heart beat. I prayed and prayed My heart is broken I sit her as I type with you inside of me all the things I wanted to say. I have a lot of questions for god, I know he does understand after all he lost Jesus his only son. Now Monday I suppose to get a D&C I still trying to come to terms with it all. I know that will most likely be my last sonogram of you. Sitting here deciding what to do. I just wanted to tell you we all love you and we see you again in heaven. You have Grandpa Lee and Great Granny Meagher and Auntie Jeanie and Duncan to watch over you and Duncan(OUR DOG)He love's to give you kisses. Take care my angel in till we meet again Love Mommy xoxo You will awalys have a peice of my heart!


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