miscarried 10/26/2009.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy...Ben & Deb Galliher:
A message to my second little Angel: we eagerly awaited your arrival scheduled for 6/15/2010. Words cannot describe the joy I felt on 10/13/2009 when the doctor confirmed your existence! We had lost my first little Angel on 5/15/2009, and you came along to give me hope and to allow me to dream again. However, I soon found out that heaven needed another little angel and you were taken from us on 10/26/2009. Although the happiness of knowing we were going to have you was short-lived, I take comfort in knowing you went to heaven to keep your older sibling company. I think you knew how much your sibling needed you! I will always remember both of you, my little ANGELS, and look forward to be reunited with both of you some day. Until then, please know that I love you and take care of each other. With all the love in the world...your Mommy.


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