miscarried 11/11/09.
Remembered by Danielle Kum Ning:
Sweet baby, I decided to call you Hannah, but I will never know if you were a boy or a girl... you stayed inside of me just for a couple of days and I was aware of your existence just for one day... it's true, no other pregnancy can replace the emptiness you left in my life... the whole World lost its colors... I loved you way before I had conceived you, I loved you the very moment I saw a “plus“ sign on my pregnancy test... I loved you when I started losing you, I loved you when I learned everything was over, I love you now and I will love you forever. My only comfort is that one day I will see you in heaven... you were not too small to make it to heaven, I know God breathed upon you and gave you an everlasting spirit... I know when I finally get to heaven you will recognize me and love me right away, we will have eternity to catch up with everything we lost... I love you, Hannah, I love you and now I can only give your name to another baby... I don't have words to explain how much you mean to me, all of my dreams were shattered in one day... I love you and odd as it may seem, I'm glad, for one full day, I had the chance to believe you were going to be born. I lived that joy for one full day and I'm glad I did, I'm glad I did... sleep in peace in the arms of Jesus, my little seed.


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