miscarried December 9, 1998.
Remembered by Your Aunt Taz:
Precious Anthony. Lil' Man ! ! I know you are in more and more good company than ever now. Your Mom - my niece and my other baby has lost multiple family members. She acts as if she is strong - however internally I know she is hurting. Aunt Taz knows this to be ever so true because we do in fact have similar traits. You see your Mom and I are both like onions - you have to peel us back one portion at a time. Just know that even though you are not here with us physcially - you will forever and always remain in our hearts. I'm sure you know in some strange way that your sister Taylor has joined us on Thanksgiving Day a year ago.. and to top it off your Mom gave her my middle name.. poor thing ! ! Well babe - God saw you were to weak - a cure not meant to be - so he wrapped his arms around you - and said Anthony just stay with me ! Love ya baby. When you hear rumbling up there - its Aunt Taz and your Mom down here carrying on.... some things just don't change..... Dont be embarassed just love us anyway as we love you....


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