miscarried 12/25/2009.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy:
“Lil King of the Jungle“ is what your onesie reads... A Leo you may have been born to be. You were expected to arrive in August of 2010, but God had another plan for you instead. We grieve for you, JOYS, SMILES, and HOPES you gave- We wanted you so, Surrow we felt on the day you were called to go! You are no longer growing inside of me, you are up in heaven in the arms of loving family. OH I WISH how I COULD HOLD YOU SO and MEET YOU MY LITTLE ANGEL! LOVE Mommy and Daddy HAD FOR YOU FROM THE START AND LOVE WE WILL ALWAYS CARRY FOR YOU IN OUR ACHING HEARTS! I sigh, as I know you will come back to me-but oh how hard it is to wait for that time! LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS OUR BEAUTIFUL BABY TO BE


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