miscarried January 9th 2006.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and your younger brothers geremy amd jaline:
I still remember your heart beat on that monitor.As your heart beat so did mine. I was scared and was daddy. Deep inside we knew something was not right...I remember seeing you eyes...sort of your arms and halfway complete body..You were only 8 weeks old. And those 8 weeks were unforgettable. I love you with all my heart..I wish I could back through time and freeze it..Stare at you in the ultrasound room and keep that image in my heart forever. No one will take your place inmy changed who I was and turned me into a something better. And mommy promises that when I do see you I will make up for all those kisses and hugs I couldnt give you when you were suppose to be born:Agust 21 2006 I love you with all my heart baby Geremy..mommy and daddy will see you soon!


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