stillborn December 8 2009.
Remembered by Mommy(Jennifer) and Daddy(Billy):
From the minute I found out you were coming I was so excited, and filled with so much love. Then I found out you were sick, and my heart dropped. I felt you in my belly, moving around, and as my belly got bigger, my love for you grew as well. I didn't care if you were going to be sick, I knew you were my blessing from god. You were my little Irish twin, what I always wanted. But your little heart wasn't strong enough, and God took you to be with him. My little angel......I miss you so much. I couldn't wait to hold you in my arms. I know you are in heaven, and without pain and suffering. I think of you everyday, and your daddy, and your Big sister Taryn Shae love you very much. I know someday I will be able to hold you again. Just know you will always be in my heart forever!!!!! Mommy loves you.


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