Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Asia and Aaliyah:
When I found out that I was carrying you, I was very shocked and it was so unexpected. The timing was obviously God's timing. The very idea of carrying you, delivering you and raising you became every thought in my mind very quickly. I looked forward to the day I would hold you in my arms. I kept so many feelings inside me because I tried to put on a tough persona because of other circumstances that were occuring in my life. But I loved you from very early on and will love you till the end of time. Your father was amazing. He was so excited like I had never seen before in any other father. The day the doctor told us that your heart had stopped beating was the most heartbreaking days of our lives. Our journey to get thru this has just begun and will never end because we look forward to the day that we can see you face to face and have you in our arms. I know you are sitting on Jesus lap in Heaven making making Him smile and getting all the love from Christ for eternity. I miss you and my heart aches with such an empty feeling. I will always love you “lil man“. - Mommy


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