Remembered by Jean (mother) and Rachel (sister - who wrote this excerpt).:
You were born and passed away before I was even born. You are my big sister, and I am 24 years old with 4 little ones of my own now. I wish I could have met you. You were born as a premie, and the nurse dropped you (shame on the hospital for letting student nurses back then tend to infants - especially premature ones). We do NOT blame the nurse - she was scared and did not know what was happening when you had a case of apnea (common in premies) and stopped breathing briefly. She should not have reacted the way she did, and we are sure she lives with that guilt and memory forever. But the hospital is to blame. I am so sorry you could never experience life as you were intended to. I want you to know we love and miss you... and even this many years later, from your sister who had not even been conceived yet when you died - we think of you often. We equally think of our brother, David, who was stillborn... in God's embrace now and to be reuinited again one day if my belief is right.


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