miscarried 28/06/09.
Remembered by Her Mammy (Caroline) Her Daddy (Brian Ashe):
I had waited so long for the news i was pregnant.After we lost your big brother.also to a (miss)we were heartbroken after him.But now i'm pregnant i had never felt better.Sitting having a secret dinner with your daddy.All i wanted was to scream to everyone.About us and our baby.Your prescious little life was taking from you so unfairly.And your daddy still didnt know about you. So i had to tell him and with us being apart for a few months.I didnt think he would take it well .but he did and as much as it break's my heart.I beleive the 2 of you are with the Angel's and are so up their as you would bedown here. All of our HUG'S &KISSE'S WE LOVE YOU'S EVER SO MUCH LOVE MAMMY & DADDY... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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