stillborn 12-28-2010.
Remembered by Mommy:
It has been 22 days sences I held you in my arms I wish I would have held you longer. Not a day goes by that mommy doesn't think about you and miss you so much by sweet boy. My arms feel so empty with out you in them I wish so much that you were here with us and I am so sorry that mommy couldn't do something to change what happened I wish I would of know something was wrong I would have gotten to the hospital sooner and maybe it wouldn't of been to late or that I could of kissed you to wake you up. Its not fair to have carried you for 9 months just to hear them say you were gone I would not change the time we had except to save you from the cord how can something that is there to help you take you life? I love and miss you so much. I pray you know how much you are loved my sweet boy!


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