born 9th May 1992 and died 10th May 1992.
Remembered by Sarah-Louise Malone:
Dear Nathan, I don't believe that there is a God, I've never believed that there is an afterlife either. But, recently our Mom has shown me your photos, and told me everything there was to know about your death, that when you died and I was at the fragile age of just two years old, I did not understand, and through the years I haven't wanted to either. But during the last week, I have understood my parents pain of your death. Now, I am in grieving for your death. I am 16 now, and this year I will be 17. I'm sorry it has taken me until now to truly come to terms with the fact I have had a baby brother. Now, I not only understand the pain and loss of you, but also what is known as the butterfly effect, and I am going through a state of sadness and regret. You are not physically among us, but I know you are here.. I love you, and though I am an 'atheist', my beliefs that you are safe are alive and my mind is well. Rest in peace Nathan, we all love and miss what could have been. xxxxxxx


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