born July 28, 2011 and died July 29, 2011.
Remembered by Mama:
Enzo, I want to find the words to tell you how loved you are, but there are none that big that exist. I want to find the way to show you how amazing, strong, brave, and beautiful you are, but there is no way big enough that exists. I want to find a feeling that can sum up my love and admiration for you but there are none that grand that exist. I want to find a meaning as to why you had to leave us but there are none that exists. Baby love, I miss you, you know that? I miss you very, very much. And I love you. I love you beyond words baby boy. You are my guiding light, my shining star, my only love. You are an amazing human being and I will forever hold you high for the warmth of the sun. High for all to see, for you are mighty and flawless, Enzo. Mommy misses you very much, my love. But we're always together doing our detective work on daddy ;) haha I know you're here, I know it. I feel it. I see it. You're everywhere. You're my everything. Te amo Enzo, te amo muchisimo. Te amo por siempre. Mama


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