stillborn 1/16/2004.
Remembered by Michelle and Jesse LeRoy:
Baby Vincent, how I love you so. You were wanted more than you will ever know. Your father and I had more love for you than I thought possible. You were a wonderful surprise and we had so many plans for you. I am so glad we had you for 29 weeks. I just wish we could have had you longer. I would give my life to have you here with your father and I for just a moment in time. We could be a family again on earth and that is all I ever wanted. I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you Vincent. I can't wait til I enter the gates of Heaven and run to you and hold you again. There is nothing I want more in life than to know you. Your father was so proud to be having a son and is still proud to be a father. But your daddy is so sad and his heart is broken. I think about you every day even in my dreams. I feel my stomach almost everyday remembering when you were there, remembering when I could feel the presence of you inside me. Your daddy felt your little kicks twice, just enough to help you bond. 7 years later I still think of you often and wish you were here with us. You are missed. I love you, Vincent Louis. I will see you again.


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