miscarried 3 March 2010.
Remembered by Mamma & Baba:
My little angel, my love-child- you were my first born son. I was 20 weeks pregnant and in early labor,with a fatal PROM & cord prolapse. You fought for your life, took all the tears, survived the sobs and weeps, no matter what bad things were going on through my pregnancy. I pray for God to hold you, I will see you and hold you again soon. Thank you for holding on through the labor, and for that little heartbeat when I held you for the first and last time. I will never forget you and hope you are at peace where you are. Baba loved you, and he still loves and misses you. We dont know why you left us, you were born out of sheer love. I will always remember and love you- God bless my darling- Sleep tight- Love you eternally- Mamma


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