miscarried October 27, 2011.
Remembered by *Mommy* Daddy, Sissies, and Brother:
My Dearest Kaleb, I am so sorry that I can't bring you home with me. I'm sorry for anything that I have done to make that dream impossible. I know there is MORE that I could have, and should have done. I am sorry for not listening to you when you told my body to slow down... I will NEVER forgive myself for that :( I love you and miss you more everyday. I am so lost without you, I never knew I could feel SO much pain... I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU...ALWAYS IN MY THOUGHTS... YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE MY HEART... I WILL *LOVE YOU ALWAYS* <3 “I'm sitting here wishing I could change the facts Knowing deep inside, can't get my baby back I lost you I lost you Oh baby I just can't stand the way that I lost you“ :(


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