born jan 15 and died jan 12.
Remembered by Josh Tiffany and Laureen:
I got to hold my grandson. It meant so much to me. so many well meaning people tried to tell me many things. but holding him and looking at the perfect little man enforced to me how human he was! so for one post let me brag like any other grand-mum. he had hair and eye brows. and a mustache. He had eyes ears mouth and a nose and tiny intricate little human hands and feet. tiny little nails on his fingers and toes. he had nipples and boy parts. he was the size of a water bottle. granted his skin was see through and not many would want to see his picture. I'm glad I got to do the grand mum stuff like count toes and fingers. and though he was little he was so loved. his little bones and veins were so detailed and fine like lace. who knew you could love someone so much in such a short time? He was treated with Dignity and respect by the staff at the hospital. no one questioned that he was a real boy. that his family cherished him and loved him very much. he was 4 months in the making.


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