miscarried 11/16/2011&4/16/2012.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy:
Conner, i couldnt believe when she told us, there's his chest but its not moving, and we cant find the heartbeat. your father and i didnt know what to do or what to even thing. we thought we were gunna be ok, already at 16 miscarriage wasnt even a thought in our heads. but it happened. at 1:07 am on wednesday november 16,2011 i got to hold you, my 4.2 ounce 6 1/2 inch long baby boy, you already looked so much like your daddy, even though so small you were the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. i miss you soo much, but i love you soo much more, i cant wait to see you again. CC, we were so excited to go hear your heart beat for the first time at 11 weeks, i was still so terriefied of losing you because of what happened with your brother, but i guess i had every reason to be, we were told on Monday April 16,2012 that you were gone, and at only 8 weeks 5 days, means you had been gone a while. im sorry i never got to hold you, or see your little face. and im sorry i couldnt give you a proper name but i love you all the same, have fun with your brother , family and God in heaven ill see you when its times, Love, Mommy


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