born May 20, 1997 and died June 4, 1997.
Remembered by her mother:
On Thursday it will be the one year anniversary of your death. You were born so early, and were so small, but were such a fighter. We miss you terribly and have been devastated by your death. Your twin sister is doing very well though, and she brings us great joy. It is so hard to feel such great sadness over missing you, and such great joy for how good your sister is doing. Your gravestone will be in any day now and it will read: "Our Twin daughter and sister, Casey Cure Booth, May 20-June 4, 1997, Forever in our hearts." I wish I was better with words and could write a great essay or poem, but all I can say is I miss you, and love you, and will tell your sister all about you.
Love, Mommy


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