miscarried September 6, 2012.
Remembered by Daddy and Mommy:
Hello Lily girl, I already said goodbye to you, but I was remembering you today much like everyday. We miss you so much, but we miraculously feel peace in our lives because although we can't fix this no one can, I know that you are with your sisters in heaven right now. I have wanted a child since I was a child myself. I did not only love you for 19 1/2 weeks, I have loved you for years and years anticipating when I would be a mother. I wish that we could have welcomed you closer to your due date so that we could have you with us, but we remember you in our hearts and we look forward to the day that we will get to see your smile and hear your laughter. I hope your older sisters Julie and Eden where happy to get another little sister. I'm glad that you are well loved up there! I'll love you forever lil! -Mommy (and Daddy)


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