born 11/13/11 and died 10/16/12.
Remembered by his loving parents robbie and nicole henning and his sisters morgan and hailey henning:
we loved him so much in his short 11 months in our lives he was a sweet and unique special beautiful young boy who didnt get to be on earth for his 1st birthday because the lord wanted him home.robbie battled infantile spasama which he took steriods for and they lowered his immune system to fight of infection we brought him to the hospital for loss of appetite on 10/7 and his body filled with infection because of a pic line and my husband and i held him til he passed in our arms on 10/16.he will forever be in our hearts and we miss him so much its he was such a mamas boy and daddys little sport,his sisters loved him dearly.ily robbie jr for now for always forever <3


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