miscarried April 25th, 2006.
Remembered by Roxanne, Alex, Samuel and Gregory:
Hi, my darling Melek, your brothers just turned 4 and 6. You would've been 6 this passed November 2012 if you had been born. I know I wouldn't have my Samuel now if you had been born but I still miss you. Your brothers are a handful, either fighting or getting into mischief together. The boys are currently loving transformers, angry birds and sonic the hedgehog. Last year, the love power rangers and before that dinosaurs. Daddy is going to be a priest, not a Catholic one... I'm still home with the boys although Sam is in kindergarten now. Greg is in daycare so my days are free except for my multiple part time temp jobs. Oh and we are in TN for now.... We've actually seen and played in snow.... Won't miss it though. I love you my darling, Mommy


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