born 28/11/2002 and died 16/12/2002.
Remembered by Daddy:
My dear Grace, it' been a while since daddy wrote anything here. You are and have always been in daddy's heart. You would have been 12 years old now. Your sisters are growing quick. Sometimes I wonder how you would have been if you were around. Rachel keeps to herself mostly while Joy is chatty. They are getting closer to daddy now unlike 2 years ago when I hardly saw them. How are you now, my darling Grace? I wish for one moment where I can see you, a 12 year old girl. Playing with your sisters in a grassy field of green. Your laughter like little pearls. Your hair blowing in the wind. How I wish I can hold you one more time. To wipe away your tears when you cry. My little princess my little darling. A peck on your cheek while you are sleeping. To tell you daddy loves you so. From now till my life is no more.


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