miscarried May 19, 2015.
Remembered by Mommy and your two sisters:
My sweet son, I am forever heartbroken that I could not protect you from your father. I wanted you so much; you were going to be my little boy. My heart aches for you. As I write this, you are still with me, but will be taken from me on Monday. When they said your little heart had stopped, I felt my world end. Please forgive me, I didn't think he'd hit me. Your sisters are devastated, they wanted you as much as I did. The 3 of us will never forget your memory. Mommy will never let you leave her heart. I will keep your memory alive and make sure the evil man who took you from us pays for what he did. Please, my sweet angel, watch over us from heaven. Give me strength to wake up every day and live. Give me hope that life will be OK. But most of all, take my love and wrap it around you so it can hold you until Mommy gets to heaven. And once I do, Mommy is never going to let you go. I love you my sweet son...Love, Mommy


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