miscarried August 7, 2015.
Remembered by Mamaw and Papaw Hart, and your mommy and daddy:
We were “over the moon“ excited! In a weeks time, I bought baby books for mom, and little boy and little girl outfits, a little much, probably, but I was a first time grandma- to- be! Two weeks later, they were never able to find a heartbeat, trying 3 different times. Our hearts were broken. I would have been the best mamaw ever! I will never forget you, my first grandbaby. You have a special place in my heart. Your birthday was to be sometime in February 2016. I'll pick the 14th for love. Every year, as long as I live, I will remember you on this day, and think about how old you'd be, and what you may look like. I will always love you.


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