born June 8th, 1991 and died June 8, 1991.
Remembered by Mom:
Well, I'm sitting here thinking of you and your brother tonight. I cannot believe it's been 25 years. I think the worst part of your death is that I cannot call daddy anymore because he is with you and your brother Sean now. Every Birthday daddy and I would talk and he would just listen to me “cry..“ He knows that's what I needed. We are planning your little sisters wedding. I imagined a big Italian family wedding for each of you. Know that you will be in my mind. I heard winds of change on the radio this week. I will forever think of you and daddy when I hear it. Please give your brother and daddy a kiss for me. I have daddy's voicemail from before he joined you that I will forever cherish . You will be my heart forever baby. I will meet you again someday. I love you and will remember holding you until my last moment in this world. Love always and forever, Mommy


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