born July 17, 1999 and died July 17, 1999.
Remembered by daddy, mommy, sisters Micah and Daryn, twin brother Clay:
Vivian, It has been three and a half months since we held you for the first and last time. We miss you so very much. Your twin brother, Clay, is growing up so fast. He is absolutely beautiful. When we see him we think of you and how beautiful you were too. You were so frail and so very tiny. Clay didn't cry at all when he was born. When they came to take you away, he started to sob like his little heart would break. Sometimes he sobs the very same way in his sleep. I know he misses you. We never leave him alone, he isn't used to it. We know that you were always there to keep him company. We have many treasures around the house to remind us of you. Poems written by your big sister, Daryn, aunt Lisa, and mommy's friend Melony ,are framed and hung on the walls. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. I still cry about you every day. I wish I had the chance to hold you one more time. I whispered in your ear that I loved you and I was so sorry I couldn't do anything to save you. I meant that. I know we will see you again one day. I can't wait to smother you with kisses. I will always remember that I have three daughters. I will be sure to continue to let Clay know how special he is. He is a twin and a big brother too. We love yoU so very much baby Vivvy. Love, Mommy


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