miscarried 1/99, 11/99, and 1/2000.
Remembered by your Mama, Amy, and your Daddy, Jef:
A Poem for you by your Mama:
"I did not touch the fragile flower,
Only held it inside,
As it grew, and died;
A lifetime in a fleeting hour,
But in memory
For eternity."
We are the parents of angels who were so little when they left us we don't even know their names. Little angels, we want you to know how happy we were when we thought we would get to have you, and how sad when we knew we never would. It helps to know you are in Heaven, with some of your great-grandparents (the ones who aren't still here with us), so you aren't lonely, and with a certain little black kitty in your crib every night for company. (And if there are some brothers or sisters of yours there too, ones we don't know about yet who may be supposed to come to us some day, would you try to talk them into staying here with us when they arrive?) We loved you from the first minute and always will, little angels--you are a part of our family that will never be forgotten. Remember us with love too, until we meet again. Your loving parents, Amy & Jef Andrews.


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