miscarried December 16, 1999.
Remembered by Mommy:
I never knew you were coming to me,
then you only stayed awhile.
But long enough for me to love you,
and for it to hurt to say good-bye.

Dear mommy's special angel,
I know that you are in a better place, but I want you here. I know that I will get to see you someday.We will have to let God decided when that will be. I love you and miss you soo much. I hope you know how much I love you. Mommy

Dear Baby,
Some people say that I have my whole life to have a family,
to have babies......
I am young just 18, and maybe, I don't know lots of things
but the thing I know is,
that even when I'll have a family in some years,
this will be like a puzzle, which will never be complete.
One piece is missing.
This piece is you.
There is no day, no hour, I don't think about you.
There is no hour,I don't miss you.
There is no day, I don't cry.
This pain is always there.
I love you!


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