born April 29, 1999 and died April 29, 1999.
Remembered by All of Us!:
My sweet baby Kirstie, I have so many things I want to say And so many things I wanted to do with you. It's mummy and daddy who hurts right now because we miss you so very much. I know you're in the most perfect place we just wanted you here with us. It's hard to understand but God knows what He's doing and one day, we will too. Baby I love you so very much. Mommy is going to miss so many things, like brushing your hair, playing games, hearing you laugh, cry and get mad. I wonder what you're voice sounds like, what color your eyes are, your favorite color, or how you're kisses would feel on mummy's lips. Mummy and Daddy will see you soon and we will never be apart again. Until then, you and all these thoughts are right here in our hearts. Mummy and Daddy


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