born January 11, 2000 and died January 11, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Our precious son so tiny and small,
you were so loved by your parents and all.
We will never forget how we held you so tight,
studying your hands your feet so perfect and right.
Though I only knew you for a short time,
I kissed and loved you because you were mine.
We had just said "Hello" and did not want to part,
but knew you would always remain in our hearts.
Your Daddy had dreams that you would someday be,
a strong and tall man just like he.
We will miss your first smile, first words and cry,
but now you are with Jesus and we can't ask "why?"
Our precious baby Hunter pure and without harm,
we will see you again someday and wrap you in our loving arms.
Written by Johni Doughman-mother of Hunter William Doughman


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