born April 6, 1996 and died April 6, 1996.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy who will love you forever!:

I have been so wonderfully blessed,
Though I held my blessing not like the rest
of the other mothers that day.
In a moment they would take him away.
Jacob was born too early, you see,
To live on this earth with his Daddy and me.

I believe we have a mission in this life;
A special job to do on this earth filled with strife.
Some may succeed, some may fail;
But I know Jacob did his job well.
In his precious few moments of life on this earth,
I learned more than I had since my "new birth".

In those long, dark hours of hospital stay,
I learned how to truly trust in my Savior that day.
For I learned God is faithful, His promises true.
Just hold His hand, and He'll see us through.
All the grief we had in our broken heart,
He was there with us, never to depart.

Soon we will be in that Heavenly place,
And thank God together for His wonderful Grace,
And Mercy, Faithfulness and Love,
That we constantly feel coming down from above.
We'll soon join you, Jacob, by the pearly gate.
I'll hold you again, I can hardly wait.
Then, we'll be a family to be apart never more,
Basking in the presence of our Savior and Lord.

Being a parent, you should normally learn from me,
But you taught us so much, don't you see.
So for that I say "thank you" my precious Angel son,
For a wonderful, Heavenly task so well done!

I'll love you always, Mommy
November 6, 1996


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