miscarried February, 1998.
Remembered by Tony, Gay Lynn, Emily, Alexandra & Allison Ashbrook:
You never had a chance to live though we knew you were alive We knew you had so much to give If only you could have survived You never had a chance to play like other children do but we looked so forward to that day to see just what you'd do You never had a chance to talk, though we knew some day you would We dreamed of how you'd walk some day throughout the neighborhood You never had a chance to smell the rain that comes in spring We thought that every thing was well, but we never had considered,this one inconceivable thing That God had made you special some way & would call you to His side to a place we all will be someday forever to reside But your chance is now like never before to save a place for us all Please wait for us right by the door when it comes our turn to answer His call.


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