miscarried August 4, 1996.
Remembered by Mommy (Vera), Daddy (Keith), and your big brother Blake:
"Vera and Keith's Daughter"
My dear sweet Destiney, you are loved and missed daily. You came into this world in my womb in June of 1996. You left my dear darling before "we" could meet. Your mommy and daddy never got a chance to say those sweet words we all seem to take for granted daily I LOVE YOU. My heart breaks because your mommy never got the chance to let you know. I believe with all my heart you were DESTINED to be conceived! Even sweetheart if it was so meant we would never meet here on EARTH. I know someday "we" will be together in heaven, and Mommy can hold you all day! I look forward to that my sweetheart. I had FAITH for two years you would be here. And HOPED with all my heart you would stay. You are greatly missed Destiney, I want the WORLD to know what you have meant to me and let them all know of your existence. You were and are "OUR" only DAUGHTER. You will live in "MY HEART AND SOUL FOREVER" I dedicate the song "Hello and Goodbye" to you and only you destiney it is by Michael W Smith. CD-LIVE THE LIFE. Once again DESTINEY FAITH HOPE LOCKLEAR- WE LOVE YOU! Love Vera, Keith, Blake Locklear


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