born 7th January 2000 and died 7th January 2000.
Remembered by Nana Dale:
Precious girls, how I would love to have held you. How I ache for my own daughter and her husband at the loss of two wished for children. We would have built sand castles on my Island beaches, and planted lilacs and roses in my garden I would have watched you grow with so much love and pride, I would have said 'haven't you grown' until you were sick of hearing it, I would have found my mother's artistic talents in your paintings stuck to my fridge, I would have heard my father's favourite silly jokes repeated in your voices and I would have made you quilts and potholders and dungarees with hearts on them. And when you grew up and had homes of your own, you might have said,'my Nana made that for me' when I was little. Sweet, precious babies I have planted a garden for you where spring comes early and already the bluebells are in flower. I will think of you with great love forever. In fondest remembrance, Nana Dale


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