born February 8, 2000 and died February 15, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and big brother Austin:
Itís been almost three long weeks since i lost my beautiful baby boy. It was a perfect pregnancy besides a little morning sickness. At eight months my doctor had suggested we induce early. My first was 9'9 and his collar bone was broken on the way out. When I went for my 38th week check up Jayden was still floating [Not engaged] so we had to wait till I went into labor on my own. Finally on february 7th a day after my due date i went into labor. I was finally going to get the baby I waited so long for. When I checked in I was 4 cm but my water had not broke yet. And little did i know once it did everything would go wrong. They broke my water at around 12:10 am and Jaydens heart beat went down to 90. Every time I had a contraction his heart beat would go further and further down. They never told me anything was wrong and I didn't know till the nurses started screaming push. Push for the baby the heart beat is seriously low. The next thing I knew the heart beat shot down to 64 and we


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