miscarried 1995.
Remembered by Michelle Schumacher, and Brady McCord:
Some of you may think I am just being silly, but I am not. I was suppose to have a surgery in 1995. I don't remember the exact date. I was placed under anesthesia. Just before my surgery the doctor came in to tell me I was pregnant and would not be having the surgery. We did not want to call our baby an it, so we made up a silly name, "Pewbert Gilbert." We never thought any thing bad would happen to our baby. Not long after our baby died. Never knowing the sex of our baby he or she was left with the name Pewbert Gilbert. Something to be remembered by.
I believe my baby's death to be the doctors fault, but what good does it do to pass blame.
(Pewbert, You now have 2 brothers. Daddy, and I will always Think of you! We love you very much! We will see you in heaven sweet child.)


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